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When running a business, you often need your company documents. Whether it's applying for licenses or signing a deal. With Easily, you can access them 24/7.


Need answers regarding your company structure or setup and when it changed? Our Timeline feature tracks everything important you will need.


It's crucial to know who your shareholders are and who are the current controllers of your company. With Easily, it's just a click away.


Filling up forms for your company often require the particulars of your directors or other important members of your company. Lookup the details you need quickly on Easily.

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Our one-of-its-kind EasilyCorp platform sets us apart from all other companies that provide corporate secretarial services. Everything we do is not only visible to you but also recorded on the EasilyCorp platform.

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We are seasoned entrepreneurs from different industries and we understand what it's like to start a company from scratch. From opening a bank account to digital marketing, we are there to help each step of the way.

Company Secretary


Yearly fee for our online secretary service. For most Singapore companies, this package is all you need to comply with Singapore's regulatory requirements.

Company Incorporation


A one-time payment to incorporate and start a new Singapore company. No hidden fees. We also absorb the cost ($315) of filing the company's incorporation with the authorities.

Starting A Singapore Company Is Easy With EasilyCorp

Here are the most important things you need to start a company in Singapore. If you are a foreign citizen and need help meeting any of the requirements, let us help you with our extensive experience helping foreigners register their Singapore company.

A shareholder can be a Singapore or foreign citizen. The minimum issued capital must be at least $1.

At least one director must be a Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident or EntrePass holder. We can provide a nominee director to fulfill this criteria.

Every company in Singapore must appoint a company secretary. We are a Singapore registered filing agent.

The registered office address must be a local Singapore address. This address is mandatory and cannot be a P.O. box.

For Foreign Citizens

We provide a full suite of services to help foreign citizens register their companies in Singapore. This includes opening a bank account, applying for a work visa or Singapore Citizenship/PR and moving your assets to Singapore.

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