social enterprise

How To Incorporate A Social Enterprise

A social enterprise is just a business that has specific social objectives. A social enterprise's aim is still profit-driven while giving back to society and the environment at large. The profits of…

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New company set up

Advantages of a Private Limited Company in Singapore

There are many various structures for individuals to incorporate a company in Singapore. But the best structure, in our experience, is a Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd) also known as Private…

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paid up capital

What Is Paid-up Capital

Most company owners when they start a company, most often than not, never give much thought about their paid-up capital. Quite a number of company owners do not know what it is. Paid-up capital is…

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sg startup founder

$50,000 Start Up Grant For Local Businesses – Startup SG Founder

The Startup SG Founder program aims to boost the pipeline of new innovative startups in Singapore. It was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat on 17th August 2020 that a further S$150…

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Important compliance requirements for Singapore companies

If you are thinking of incorporating a company or your company is already incorporated, here is a list of compliance requirements that all company directors should ensure that the company adheres to.…

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What is an SSIC code?

SSIC stands for Singapore Standard Industrial Classification. It is a code that is assigned to each business activity. The Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) is the national standard…

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What is a Trust?

A trust is a legal arrangement made by a trustor/settlor, by entrusting another party (trustee), to look after his/her properties/assets, such that the associated benefits of these properties/assets…

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digital resilience bonus

Digital Resilience Bonus For The Food Services and Retail Sectors

The food services and retail sectors are 2 of the worst hit by the COVID 19 pandemic. To further assist affected businesses to adapt to the new normal, they can consider tapping on the digital…

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