corporate secretary

How To Choose A Suitable Corporate Secretary For You

Roles of a Corporate Secretary in Singapore All companies incorporated in Singapore are mandated by law, to have a named individual to be sitting on board as a company secretary. The roles of a…

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A Complete Compliance Guide For Singapore Companies

A warm welcome and congratulations on the successful incorporation of your new company in Singapore! There are many tax benefits as well as other advantages incorporating a Singapore company,…

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Corporate Tax In Singapore 2020

A Guide To Corporate Tax In Singapore 2020.

For foreigners who are interested to set up companies in Singapore, one of the major draws is the competitive corporate tax rate. Political stability coupled with the ease of doing business make…

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long term visit pass

An Overview Of The Long Term Visit Pass In Singapore

Family members of eligible employment pass or S-pass holders may apply for the long term visit pass so that they can stay in Singapore.   Who are eligible for the long term visit pass?…

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Here is the difference between a Singapore Subsidiary Company and a Singapore Branch Office. This article is useful for foreigners looking to set up a company in Singapore.

What is the difference between a Singapore Subsidiary Company and a Singapore Branch Office

If you are a foreigner looking to set up a company in Singapore, you have the option to set up either a Singapore Subsidiary Company or a Singapore Branch Office. There is another option to set up a…

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What you need to know about Free trade zones and Free zone companies

In Singapore, there are nine free trade zones that allow companies to import, sell, or export goods without customs, duties, or goods and services tax (GST). They are: -          Brani Terminal; -…

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Singapore Dependent's Pass

An Overview Of The Singapore Dependent’s Pass

Employment pass or S pass holders in Singapore can apply for their spouses and children to join them via the dependent's pass. Below are some of the commonly asked questions with regard to the…

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Holding Annual General Meetings (AGMs) For Your Company

What is an Annual General Meeting (AGM)? Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are compulsory annual meetings that all Singapore companies need to hold. The primary purpose is to update the shareholders of…

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