What is the E-Invoicing Registration Grant about?

The E-Invoicing Registration Grant is an incentive to drive businesses towards digitising their businesses finance workflow. The ability to e-invoice clients will allow the finance staff of businesses to conduct their work remotely yet being able to manage the finances of the business in a timely and efficient manner.

This grant provides businesses with a one-time payment of $200 per UEN, upon first registration to the E-Invoicing Network on or before 31 December 2020. This grant is applicable for businesses which are valid, active and registered in Singapore on or before 25 March 2020. Payment will be disbursed by PayNow Corporate to the registered UEN (without suffix).

No application is required for the grant. Participants who qualify will receive the payout automatically provided they have complied with the above.

Do note that only an organisation with a valid UEN can register on the nationwide e-invoice network. Hence only organisations with UENs qualify for this grant. (Self employed are not eligible for this grant)

How Do I Register For This?

SMEs can join the nationwide e-invoicing network by subscribing to Peppol-ready solutions approved by IMDA. Please visit www.imda.gov.sg/einvoice to check whether your accounting/ERP solutions are Peppol-ready, and sign up one if you don’t already have an accounting or ERP solution.

(PEPPOL, which stands for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line, is an EDI (electronic data interchange) protocol, designed to simplify the purchase-to-pay process between government bodies and suppliers.)


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