Enterprise Singapore announced on 6th May 2020 that they will be increasing the scope of the E-Commerce Booster Package to further support retailers in their effort to build digital marketing capabilities for the long term.

In addition to the E-commerce support for retailers to target domestic and overseas market, retailers can also now apply for:

  • A one-time 90% support for digital marketing advisory services for 3 months. These include working to improve on the existing online business processes or developing new sales channels digitally.
  • Manpower support for retailers to keep their digital marketing efforts going after the initial set up. 

This expanded support is to enable retailers to go beyond the foundation steps of setting up their e-commerce platforms.

In order to be sustainable, just having an online presence is not enough. The retailers need to be able to understand how digital marketing works and the application of it so as to grow their business. Ideally, this will be without having the need to be relying on 3rd party In the long run.

For example, Retailers  can now tap on this 90% support to learn how to plan digital marketing campaigns to get more sales on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. How to execute an effective advertisement campaign online and also having the ability to evaluate your progress.


What Is The Maximum Grant I Can Receive? 

The 90% support per retailer is capped at S$9,000.


When Is The Deadline To Apply?

The last day to sign up is 30th September 2020. If approved, they will be guided by an approved vendor for 3 months.


Who Is Eligible To Apply?

Interested retailer must meet the following criteria:

  • Business entity is registered/incorporated in Singapore
  • Has a minimum of 30% local shareholding; and
  • Company’s group annual turnover not exceeding $100 million per annum based on the most recent audited report, or group employment not exceeding 200 employees.


Are you looking to get more sales online or build your own e-commerce shop? You can explore the opportunity to use the relevant grant support for your business. Speak with us today to see how we can help!