Our company does incorporation of Singapore companies and we have both local as well as foreign clients. The cost and procedures are generally similar and here is a breakdown.

All quoted prices are in Singapore dollars (SGD).

Incorporation of company and 1-year corporate secretarial retainer fees: $795

We will levy a $200 fee on every foreign director and/or shareholder (to cover added compliance costs).

Step 1:
To incorporate a company, you will need to prepare the following:

i) Identification documents for all directors and shareholders. For Singaporean and Singapore Permanent Residents, this is your NRIC. For foreigners, we will accept a valid passport and a document that proves your address. A few examples would be a mobile or utility bill with your name on the bill. Such documents should be not older than 3 months.

ii) You will need to select a company name. We would recommend that you have at least 3 names in mind.

iii) Please note that every Singapore company will require a local director. If you do not have a local director, you can engage our nominee director service. The nominee director fees are $2,000 per annum with a refundable $3,000 deposit. Upon cancellation of the nominee director service, the deposit will be refunded to you within 14 working days.

Step 2:
Log into our online portal to submit your documents and to fill in the relevant forms. Our sales consultants will assist you if you are unsure of any matter.

Step 3:
An invoice will be sent to you. You will need to make payment from an account bearing the name of a director or shareholder of the proposed company. We will need to ensure the source of funds to comply with the relevant compliance requirements.

Step 4:
If all compliance checks are cleared, we will proceed to incorporate your company and provide you with a login to your customer portal. The next step would be to proceed to open the bank account. We will assist you with this matter as well. Please note that all monies will be refunded to you if you do not clear compliance and we choose not to incorporate the company for you.


Please note that you can apply for an employment pass to become the local resident director of the company. You can do so after the incorporation of the company. We have our own in-house licensed employment agency consultants to assist you. The full price list is on https://singaporeemploymentagency.com/


For more details, you may contact us here or leave us a message or chat with us on our live chat. If you are leaving us a message on our live chat, do leave your name, contact number (preferably WhatsApp) and email address.


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